Art Encounters at Volvo Studio: Matilde Sambo, 27 Nov 2019 — 27 Nov 2019

Art Encounters at Volvo Studio: Matilde Sambo

Matilde Sambo inaugurates the first edition of Art Encounters at Volvo Studio Milano with the project "Stato Sottile"

Volvo Studio Milano, via Melchiorre Gioia

The first intervention of the series sees Matilde Sambo who will modify the space of Volvo Studio Milano through three components: the “Metempsicosi” site-specific installation, a sound intervention characterized by a composition of field recordings and projection of the video work “Fairy Cage”.

The Metempsicosi installation will veil one of the windows of Volvo Studio Milano. To assemble this membrane, the artist will use semicircular “sheets” of soy sewn together. In fact, soy is widely used in Chinese cuisine and is renowned for its processing capacity: initially very elastic, it dries in contact with the air becoming brittle and easily broken. Just wet it to bring it back to its state original: water, the source of life, restores the initial strength of the material.

Soy and its fragility are linked to the “cure”, a recurring theme in the artist’s research: for Matilde Sambo, sustainability means taking care of the planet, finding forms of action that do not affect it.

The video screening of “Fairy Cage” (2018) will offer food for thought on the relationship between man and nature, and on its fragile balance: in the human species, the boundary between fascination for other forms of life and dominion over them is very subtle. Often the man distorts what surrounds it, supported by the force of anthropocentric thought.

Contacts & Details

Volvo Studio Milano

November 27, 7 pm


Volvo Studio Milano, via Melchiorre Gioia
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