#Commons. Cartografia del desiderio, Tunis, Tunisia, —

#Commons. Cartografia del desiderio, Tunis, Tunisia

Organised by Collectif Corps Citoyen, Commons is one of the 5x5x5 artists project of Manifesta 12 in Palermo. It sees the participation of Rabii Brahim, Francesca Cogni, Anna Serlenga, Lilia Ben Romdhane, Alessandro Rivera Magos.

#COMMONS – Cartography of desire seeks to discover the “other” despite the political differences and the socio-cultural complexities that separate the two Mediterranean coasts. Emphasising the relationship between here and elsewhere, it invites individuals and communities to share their cities in a virtual space that goes beyond physical and political borders, giving life to a psychological and geographical experience that superimposes the maps of Palermo and Tunis seamlessly.

Artists Residency: 14 – 28 October

Performance: 27 – 28 October, 15.00 – 21.00, every 40 minutes

Entrance fee: €5 (Advance booking required by email: corpscitoyen@gmail.com)

For venue please refer to: www.facebook.com/corpscitoyen/


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