Masbedo: Kite, 25 Oct 2018 — 25 Oct 2018

Masbedo: Kite

The artistic duo MASBEDO returns to Manifesta 12., in Palermo, with the video-audio performance titled “KITE”, new chapter of the project “Videomobile”, namely a trilogy of performative moments. The installation is the third and last appointment of the video project conceived for Manifesta 12. to depict a portrait of the city of Palermo reinterpreting the history of cinema. Preceded by “Protocol 90/6” first and “Terra di Nessuno” then, “KITE” is to display on October 25, 2018 at Teatro Garibaldi, in Palermo, freely adapted from an unpublished storyline written by Michelangelo Antonioni and Tonino Guerra during the Eighties.

In the frame of the theatre, the duo recreates a multisensorial experience of the storm at the centre of the plot of the video, thanks to the music by the Turin artists Davide Tomat and GUP Alcaro and the atmosphere recreated through the objects on the scene.

The entire project is commissioned by Manifesta 12. for “Il Giardino Planetario. Coltivare la Coesistenza” and produced by Beatrice Bulgari, for In Between Art Film.

MASBEDO at Manifesta 12 Palermo

video-audio performance
with Davide Tomat e G.u.p. Alcaro 

Thursday, October 25, 2018, 9.00pm
Teatro Garibaldi, Palermo

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