Practices of ‘Unlearning’: Coloniality, Knowledge and Migration, 25 Jun 2018 — 01 Jul 2018

Practices of ‘Unlearning’: Coloniality, Knowledge and Migration

Organised by African Leadership University (Mauritius), Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (Qatar), Practices of ‘Unlearning’: Coloniality, Knowledge and Migration is one of the 5x5x5 schools programme events of Manifesta.

This cross-continental Summer School considers how the coloniality of power relates to regional discursive formulations of the ‘Mediterranean’, the ‘Middle East’ and ‘Africa’. Through collective reading sessions connected remotely from Mauritius, Doha, Syria and Palestine to Palermo, we interrogate the idea of a linear development of thought and consider practices in the south that try to deterritorialize these constructed and militarized regional identities.

Public Workshop and Intercontinental Reading Sessions
Days: June 25- July 1, 2018
Opening times: 12-3pm
Readings for each session are distributed at event.
For details on participating, contact +39 342 608 5076.

Organizers: Shourideh C. Molavi, Janice Ndegwa, Jess Auerbach

Contacts & Details
T: +39 342 608 5076
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