Rover, 01 Sep 2018 — 30 Sep 2018


Victor Ruiz-Colomer & Joe Highton co-curate a series of mobile events in Palermo and the projects will remain on wheels throughout the residency, roaming through various orbits of the Manifesta programme, with each event having the potential to be a filming occasion.

With an emphasis on self-organised group activity, the artists hope to work with the Palermo bici tuning crew (a group of young people of Palermo that have developed a series of non motorized vehicles equipped with very high quality sound amplifying systems), together with theatre groups / dance groups / sports groups and other collectives who use the public space in a non invasive way.

Venue address: Outdoor and public spaces, parks and other locations throughout the city of Palermo. Please refer to website and socials.


Contacts & Details
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