Ranchos, Planchas y Gallinas, 30 Mar 2016 — 30 Mar 2016

Ranchos, Planchas y Gallinas

Ranchos, Planchas y Gallinas (Ranchos, cutting boards and chickens) is an artistic intervention by Engel Leonardo in the pavilion of Venezuela in Santo Domingo designed by Alejandro Pietri for the Fair of Peace and the Confraternity of the Free World of 1955.

The selection of the place has multiple intentions: one is to interact with the architecture of the building – one of the most beautiful examples of modern tropical architecture that exist in the country –, the other is to activate and demonstrate the potential of a space that is in total abandonment, and the last and most important to draw attention to the local and international community about the urgency of the recovery and conservation of this historic building.
For such purposes, in addition to the artistic intervention in what metal structures and wallpaper will be used, it will be made ​​by the curator Pablo León de la Barra, a small museum inside the building.

The event, in collaboration with Davidoff Art Initiatives and Albertine Kopp, is taking place on Wednesday at 4pm at Pabellón de Venezuela, La Feria, Santo Domingo.

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