Giselle Beiguelman: Urbanism Open Source, 18 Nov 2015 — 18 Nov 2015

Giselle Beiguelman: Urbanism Open Source

During the 1990s, specialists discussed how to use online networks to make the city more interactive. Nowadays, with technology permeating almost every aspect of human societies, the question is how to use it to interfere in the everyday life of the cities without turning them into prisons without walls, guarded electronic and remotely. The discussion about “smart cities” gives space to the open source urbanism. The reinvention of forms of street occupation is currently a hot topic, and must take in account the public and urban dimensions of the informational space.

This complex discussion will be approached by artist, curator and professor Giselle Beiguelman (b. 1962, São Paulo). The lecture is the closing event of the Red Bull Basement Project and happens from 8pm to 10pm.

Contacts & Details
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T: +55 11 3107 5065
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