Green Corridor of Minhocão, 11 Sep 2016 — 11 Sep 2016

Green Corridor of Minhocão

Rua da Consolação

In a round table with the participation of the curator of the 32 nd Bienal of São Paulo, Jochen Volz, business of socio-environmental impact, launches the Green Corridor of Minhocão, with vertical gardens created in partnership with contemporary artists.

In the conception of the Green Corridor of Minhocão, m.90º celebrates the vertical gardens, not only as an excellent tool for urban rehabilitation but also as an instrument to democratize contemporary art.

With the objective of creating approximately five thousand square meters of green area, in vertical parks projected by artists as Christopher PageDaniel Steegmann-Mangrané, Paulo Monteiro, Pedro Wirz and Renata de Bonis, the project (first of its kind in the world) proposes an open air museum and launches the completion of the project during the program of the 32 nd Bienal of São Paulo, on the 11 th September.

The young landscape artist Guil Blanche, founder of m.90º, leads the tour by the circuit of vertical gardens, starting from Rua da Consolação at 2pm.

Following the tour, starting at 4pm at Minhocão, access by Rua Sebastião Pereira, a talk will be held with the aim to discuss the different aspects of the project and how it interacts with the city under a cultural and socio-environmental aspect. Within the participants are: Jochen Volz, curator of the 32nd Bienal, Guilherme Wisnik, art critic and professor at the Architecture and Urbanism University of São Paulo(FAU-USP), Erika Verzutti, Brazilian artist and Matthew Wood, owner of Mendes Wood MD and landscape artist of Ed.Huds, first vertical park of the Corridor.

The table will be mediated by Kiki Mazzucchelli, independent curator and Master in History of Art by Goldsmiths College, London. The event will end with the premiere of the documentary of the Green Corridor created and directed by Natacha Oliveira, at 6pm.


Contacts & Details
sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun 9/11/16 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

T: +55 11 94458 4067

Rua da Consolação
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