Envision 2116: Phase 1, 02 Sep 2016 — 05 Sep 2016

Envision 2116: Phase 1

No. 869 Yinghua Rd

The inaugural edition of the Shanghai Project, “Envision 2116″, will launch the first of its two phases on September 4, focusing on public engagement through event-based programming, as well as exhibitions, public works, an open call platform, a pop–up library, community participation programs and international conferences.

As one of the highlights of Phase 1, the Envision Pavilion, designed by Sou Fujimoto, will open to the public on September 4 at the Shanghai Himalayas Center. The structure, with a 670 square meter footprint, is a hybrid space composed of industrial scaffolding grids, glass and trees, combining notions of inside/outside, natural/man-made, organic/geometric, and building/beyond-building. It serves as a symbolic center of the Shanghai Project. For the full duration of the Shanghai Project, the Envision Pavilion acts as a site for lectures, panels, workshops, seminars, performances and film screenings in the event space, as well as exhibitions in its gallery space and social gatherings in its café.

During the first weekend of September, the Shanghai Project celebrates the launch of Phase 1 with the opening of the “Qidian” exhibition (September 2); an international conference co-organized with the International Biennial Association in collaboration with Power Station of Art (September 3); the opening of a new architectural commission, Envision Pavilion, and the public art installations “Seed Planet” and “Shanghai Schlemmer” (September 4); and roundtable discussions (September 4).

On September 3 at the Power Station of Art, the conference, “Biennials in Transformation: Hybridization as New Challenge,” offers a day-long seminar with internationally known and respected scholars and biennial experts, including Gayatri Spivak, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Jens Hoffmann, Tan Boon Hui, Wang Chunchen, Alnoor Mitha, Sylvie Fortin, Sarah Wilson and Clive Adams, with moderation by Philip Tinari and Bige Örer. On September 4, two roundtable discussions inaugurate the Envision Pavilion,with the first examining “Architecture Beyond Building” and featuring Dai Zhikang (Founder and Chairman of Zendai Group), Sou Fujimoto, Liu Yi, and Eva Franch i Gilabert, moderated by Yongwoo Lee; the second explores the “Ecology of Technology” and features Zhang Lei (CEO and Founder of Envision Energy), Anna Greenspan, Adrian Hon and Kevin Slavin, moderated by Hans Ulrich Obrist.


Contacts & Details
T: +86 021 6856 6873
M: contact@shanghai-project.org

No. 869 Yinghua Rd
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