Post-Salon: A Series of Exchange, 12 Nov 2016 — 14 Nov 2016

Post-Salon: A Series of Exchange

am Art Space, 50B Fengxian Rd, G/F

Is there an effective and pleasant way of exchanging ideas? During the 11th Shanghai Biennale opening week, with two art fairs happening at the same time, flooded into Shanghai city will be international artists and professionals  and all kinds of artistic activities and cultural events. am Art Space, reputed for its independence and rigorous programs, will hold a series of activities “Post-Salon: A Series of Exchange” for three nights from Nov 12-14th.

Is there an effective and pleasant way of exchanging ideas? And how is one to initiate a gradual, progressive social networking, that is marked chiefly by equality, and is collective and individual at once, in the contemporary society where cultures are in conflict with each other, and individuals are overwhelmed by information?

Invited speakers include Biennale artists, local artists, curators and writers, and the three nights Post-Salon aims at create a space for exchanges of ideas, concepts, methods, realities, and artistic practices. At the time of the 11th Shanghai Biennale – titled “Why Not Ask Again: Arguments, Counter-arguments, and Stories” – they question the legitimacy and impossibility of the form of the salon.

Contacts & Details
wed, thu, fri, sat 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

mon, tue, sun

T: +86 21 6384 2432

am Art Space, 50B Fengxian Rd, G/F

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