RAM Talk: Art in the Environment – Nature, Society and I, 01 Apr 2016 — 01 Apr 2016

RAM Talk: Art in the Environment – Nature, Society and I

Environmental art constitutes a small part of contemporary art and is originated from earth art. It is deep and moving, but not widely known yet. Currently the public impression of environmental art may be confined to the public sculptures which were erected to set off architecture. In the international art context, environmental art means art behaviors created by human through interaction with the environment. With the growing interaction between human behavior and the social environment, the artist attempts to enhance people’s awareness of their relationship with the environment by interpreting environmental art works in certain parts of the world. Meanwhile, she also hopes to provide a new approach for individuals to participate in social activities.

Zhai Wensi, born in Beijing, is a graphic designer, environmental artist and illustrator. She graduated from School of Design, China Central Academy of Fine Arts with a Master’s degree in Visual Communication Design and also earned a Master’s degree in Environmental Art from Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture in Finland. She has opened a visual design studio called Paper Bee in Helsinki, Finland. She is also a member of Finnish Illustration Association and a director member of LARU ART Association.

Contacts & Details
T: +86 21-3310 9985
M: info@rockbundartmuseum.org
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