TAG Gallery Breakfast, 02 Nov 2019 — 02 Nov 2019

TAG Gallery Breakfast

The Galleries of the TAG Association in collaboration with Artissima hold the annual Turin gallery breakfast on Saturday 2 November 2019 from 9:00 to 12:00, it sees the simultaneous opening of the following galleries for a breakfast in which to see the exhibitions on show and mingle amongst the art crowd.

The programme for this edition of the Torino gallery breakfast 2019 is as follows: the

Alberto Peola Gallery: solo exhibition by Perino & Vele. ‘O databàs “(until December 21st)

Gagliardi and Domke: “Reale Virtuale” (until 10 April 2020)

Febo & Dafne: solo show by Mice Jankulovski entitled “Forms in Black” (until 30 November)

Luce Gallery: Caitlin Cherry in “Noisyboy” (until November 23rd).

Raffaella De Chirico Contemporary Art: exhibition of the Iranian artist Mohsen Baghernejad entitled “(IN)” (until December 28th).

Riccardo Costantini exhibits the new solo exhibition by Turin conceptual artist Gianni Colosimo, “Ammutinamento” (until November 16).

Weber & Weber: Bruno Fantelli entitled “Party Hard” (until December 21) Fabrizio Plessi entitled “Experimental” (until December 21st)

Norma Mangione: solo show by Salvo, “Ventiquattr’ore di luce” (until November 16th)

Giorgio Persano: Paolo Cirio, “Systems of Systems” (until November 16th).

Contacts & Details
M: info@torinoartgalleries.it
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