Day 3, Week 29, 19 Nov 2015 — 19 Nov 2015

Day 3, Week 29

The Slovenian Pavilion at Venice Biennale, organizes a celebration of Day 3, Week 29 of UTTER / the violent necessity for the embodied presence of hope.

On Thursday, November 19th, we will be in the final week of the 7 month project at the Pavilion of Slovenia in Arsenale, la Biennale di Venezia.

“/…The dusk is setting on Day 3. If you look from the outside there seems to be a party going on, a concluding celebration, or so it seems. There are comforting sounds of laughter mixed with soft beats and heated bodies. For others it might feel like peeking through the window, as if it’s not happening in this very room. Someone is playing the piano. Drinks are poured in chipped porcelain cups. Maybe the whole have accepted the invitation and are sharing their stories…/”

UTTER / Book / by JAŠA & Etan Nechin

Contacts & Details
sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun 11/29/15 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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