Models Never Talk, 21 Jan 2016 — 22 Jan 2016

Models Never Talk

Campo San Samuele 3260-3261

At a time when fashion is characterized by the phenomenon of overproduction, Olivier and his models arrive with only their memories and their words, relieved of the baggage of clothing. One by one, Violeta, Amalia, Claudia, Axelle, Anne, Christine and Charlotte relive the dresses of famous fashion designers, explaining and describing in detail or criticizing the dresses that each has “been” during their moment on the runway.
Like her sister, the store-window mannequin, the fashion model is a creature of silence who is not permitted to make her voice heard, neither from a podium nor in photography. The very nature of the gestural charisma and the plasticity required of a model plunge her into the most absolute of silences. She is denied a voice.
For one of the first times, Models never talk permits the models to have a voice, which becomes an abstract pattern of clothing memories.

Contacts & Details
T: +39 041 271 9031

Campo San Samuele 3260-3261
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