Safina Radio Project, 06 May 2015 — 08 May 2015

Safina Radio Project

Navy Officers' Club, Arsenale, Castello

In the midst of travel, passengers are invited to be guests in dialogue, building a journey that is physical and imaginary, exploratory and informative. The radio ‘space’ becomes one for binding different realities and experiences with participants and listeners assuming the role of explorer, adventurer or protagonist. A combination of travelogues (conversations) and commissioned interventions will interrogate artistic practices, with a focus on the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa, and a consideration of the relationship of art and artists to these contexts, whilst responding to the immediate physical environment of Venice.

Travelogues and interventions will be audio recorded and uploaded to the portal where people can download them for free as podcasts. The online portal will also combine various streams of programming commissioned specifically for the radio site from written interviews to audio projects, playlists and sets. The intention is to create a platform for a multiplicity of access points and possible audience engagement, broadening the conversations and widening interactions, from playful through to more critical discourse.

Anyone who would like to join an expedition and contribute to a travelogue or intervention is invited to check the schedule at and send an email to to request a seat. The Safina Radio Project boat holds a maximum of 14 people so space is limited, and will be made available on a first come first serve basis. People are also welcome to chart the boat’s travels on an interactive map on the site to see where travelogues and interventions take place or to track-down the boat in real-time. If you are nearby, meet us at the next port and jump on-board to join the discussion.

Pick up and Drop off: My Art Guides Venice Meeting Point at Navy Officers’ Club.

Contacts & Details

Navy Officers' Club, Arsenale, Castello
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