Cash and the Canon: During, After and Beyond Artistic Production, 29 Jun 2016 — 08 Jul 2016

Cash and the Canon: During, After and Beyond Artistic Production

Zollikerstrasse 32

Three evenings on the relationship between production and value in art in collaboration with the University of Zurich.

In a time in which the contemporary art commanding top prices and reaches the broad masses , the history of art has to redefine. Contemporary art history is characterized over the paradox to treat art already at the moment of their creation and their first presentation. Today art historians are also critics , experts or mediators of current production and thus directly involved in the securities and, consequently, to the formation of the canon of art.

SIK – ISEA covers not only ongoing art on the database , but collects, archives and gives the Swiss art archive also documents of Swiss artists. 16,000 of them have a more or less detailed entry in the online encyclopedia SIKART .

The explosiveness of the value added by the science of art forms the starting point of the event , “Cash and the Canon”. How behave in the art system and monetary value to each other ? At issue is the one that the work of documenting , archiving , evaluating and publishing may cost a lot of money , but elsewhere the monetary prize is drawn. should be addressed on the other hand , that artists through financial resources that flow not only in the artistic production , but also in their communication through flyers, newsletters , Web sites , documentation , catalogs, etc. , can make their canonization feed . In general, the attention to the question when the value formation of a work through mediation, archiving , and analysis using true – during production , right after that , in twenty or a hundred years – and who is responsible .

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Zollikerstrasse 32
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