Full Service | Lab, 06 Sep 2016 — 11 Sep 2016

Full Service | Lab

Müller Strasse 57

FULL SERVICE: Everything goes. Every wish, every fantasy can be fulfilled – if performer and a customer may agree on a price. For example: “I’ll make you a sandwich,” “I blow you a”, “I’ll give you the feeling of being loved”.
After more than 30 performances with a total of 463 services services and total revenues of more than 6000 francs Daniel Hellmann offers its services now also during Manifesta. Guests from business, ethics, sociology and art complement the program with discussions on the controversial issues that full service has been raised.
Performance in English, German, French, Italian. Lectures and discussions in German.
Moderation: Wilma Renfordt
FULLSERVICE Performance with Daniel Hellmann 6th-10th September 2016, 17:00 to 19:30 11th September 2016, 16:00 to 18:00.

As well as each following the presentations and discussions, to 22.00 LECTURES AND DISCUSSIONS .

6 September 2016, 19:30 FAIRNESS – Prices between monopoly and free competition discussion with Stefan Meier Hans, price regulator As a Swiss institution of price regulator ensures state-commissioned uncompetitive markets for fair prices. It analyzes prices, receives complaints and seek solutions where something is too expensive. This is based on the firm belief that the competition is also close to the best price. FULL SERVICE here is a paradoxical case – Daniel Hellmann is the only provider of this business model and has the same countless more specialized competitors. Therefore: Monsieur Prix, the prices at FULL SERVICE are fair? And what ever is a fair price?,

7 September 19:30 MONEY – What is it and how to live without Lecture and discussion with Raphael Fellmer who has spent five years with no money and Prof. Dr. Paul Kellermann, sociologist, University of Klagenfurt In capitalism, everything must be bought with money, what is needed – it seems. And so it is driven into FULLSERVICE relish on top. Paul Kellerman has analyzed and criticized the importance of the payment instrument in numerous studies. Raphael Fellmer has spent five years with no money. He reveals how it worked, and reported experiences of unconditional giving and receiving. Based on this, Paul Kellermann provocative hypotheses for discussion, which provide the naive, yet ubiquitous belief in the money in question.

 8 September 19:30 taboos – what to buy for money not talk with Dr. Barbara Bleisch, philosopher, University of Zurich and Prof. Dr. Stefan Grotefeld, theologian, Reformed Church Zurich. In FULLSERVICE is basically offered everything. Whether it somewhere draws boundaries, the performer does not betray. In other markets, it is more clearly defined. To hire an assassin, is clearly prohibited. It is more difficult in areas such as organ trafficking, surrogacy or the “purchase” of football players * inside … the moral gray area is large. With Barbara Bleisch and Stefan Grotefeld two ethicists are * inside ready to discuss what can be bought and sold and which may not be available on markets. Who own body belongs? What it is, self-determined to have him? And who is responsible for the regulation of markets? .

9 September 19:30 PURCHASE LUST – consumption, intuition and Marketing Lecture and discussion with John Schneider, psychologist and marketing expert, Decode Marketing Hardly a FULL SERVICE participants know at the beginning what he wants to buy at all. This uncertainty about one’s own needs is quite normal for consumers, as John Schneider knows to report. He explains how Implicit marketing works. Based on findings from behavioral economics, psychology and neuroscience, it aims to create consumer needs through intuition. Because conscious purchase decisions are rarely. Why do people buy what they buy? What are the basic needs served the consumer? And what does the performer with the Marketeer common?.

10th September, 19.30 PROJECTIONS – About the relationship between performer and audience * in discussion with Prof. Dr. Kornelia Hahn, sociologist, University of Salzburg & Lisa Lucassen, performer, She She Pop. In everyday life people are constantly confronted with the difficult task of their counterparts based attributable to an accurate possible identity of their self-promotion. When this happens performances in pointed form: In what moment the performer reveals something of his own life, when he plays a role? Lisa Lucassen reported by the most absurd, most beautiful and most terrible attributions that she has experienced in 20 years She She Pop. Kornelia tap taps the intersections of everyday performance and artistic representation. And Daniel Hellmann controls in which competencies FULLSERVICE customers previously suspected him.

11th September, 18.00 LIMITS – How far would you go talk with David Bloom, choreographer, filmmaker and educator. 75 Euro has a FULL SERVICE customer pays to find out where the performer draws its limits. David Bloom studied in his artistic works and workshops the topic of dance, desire, and the performance of the erotic body. The balancing act between art and sexuality requires from the performers a standing New Discover and -Define its own borders. This body of experience draws David Bloom to enhance the conversation with Daniel Hellmann to a few practical exercises for the audience. But do not worry: where to draw the line remains your choice. (Coproduction with Tanzhaus Zurich Sponsored by City of Zurich Culture).

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Müller Strasse 57
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