Ganz Ohr im Tram – 4, 11 Jun 2016 — 18 Sep 2016

Ganz Ohr im Tram – 4

“4i Tram” or “All ears on the tram 4” is an art project with children and the target audience of children and adults. It goes along the tram line 4, from Altstetten to the Seefeld and back, it runs shops, cafes and the venues of Manifesta 11. What do the passing facades hide? What kind of people work there and what are their stories? School classes from the adjoining districts rose up an expedition and developed its very own city guide with himself invented music.
On the audio guide can be downloaded as a podcast or streamed directly. An unforgettable journey can begin; Ears pointed and eyes! – And who gets out of the tram can take a 4iTram map and set out on the search for the places and people whose stories were told on the way.

What: Karin Heberlein and Annette Carle (Pixibar) All ears on the tram – 4iTram
Where: Tram Nr. 4, Zurich
When: Throughout the duration of Manifesta 11 Kick-Off Event: June 11, 2016 11:00 to 16:00 throughout.
Admission: Free (with valid ticket VBZ) 

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