How to Waste Time, 09 Jun 2016 — 06 Aug 2016

How to Waste Time

Bahnhofstrasse 1 at Bürkliplatz

Zurich – the financial capital of Switzerland – is known for its Zwinglian work ethic and as a global market location.

“How to Waste Time” explores the value of activities that appear in a world where work have no economic value. In the economic heart of the city it will be created a performance platform.

The project is curated by Nele Dechmann and Nicola Ruffo (Kunstverein Zurich), as well as by Katrin Murbach and Fabian Jaggi (Ortreport).During eight weeks artists are invited to explore the stage-like structure at Bürkliplatz with  performances, readings and discussions. (The interdisciplinary program was developed in cooperation with the Gessnerallee Zurich and the Museum Strauhof)

What: Nele Dechmann and Nicola Ruffo (Kunstverein Zurich), Fabian Jaggi and Katrin Murbach (Ortreport) in How to Waste Time- Performance Platform
Where: Kurt Guggenheim conditioning, Bahnhofstrasse 1 at Bürkliplatz, 8001 Zurich
When: June 9, – August 6, 2016
Opening: 9 June 2016
Admission: free

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Bahnhofstrasse 1 at Bürkliplatz
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