All: Collected Voices, 06 Apr 2017 — 30 Jun 2017

All: Collected Voices

Radio Athènes, Street, Petraki 15

All: Collected Voices” is a project aiming to cultivate, to preserve, to transmit the polyphony of responses to the exhibitions and events transpiring in Athens over the spring and summer of 2017.
Composed of conversations, interviews, readings and soundworks arranged and recorded at Radio Athènes, it will develop into a piecemeal oral archive accessible online at, a new website conceived by Stuart Bailey and David Reinfurt.
“All: Collected Voices” investigates transitions, axes of thought, the range of experiences, and modes of enunciation through a series of commissions, invitations to contribute, but also accidental encounters. Trusting the expressive qualities of the voice to document events, and the unique competence of the ear to pick up the modulations of a situation, its ups and downs, its louds and softs, “All: Collected Voices” is imagined as a sustained conversation that we can join in, become part of, at any time.

Curated by Thomas Boutoux and Helena Papadopoulos
Team: Teddy Coste, Caterina Costi, Iris Asimakopoulou
Produced by the Goethe-Institut, Athen as part of ‘apropos documenta’, in collaboration with Radio Athènes

Contacts & Details
T: +30 694 668 7907

Radio Athènes, Street, Petraki 15

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