EBB & Neïl Beloufa: Pandemic Pandemonium, 29 Jun 2022 — 04 Sep 2022

EBB & Neïl Beloufa: Pandemic Pandemonium

"Pandemic Pandemonium" by EBB & Neïl Beloufa is a game where physical, fictional and digital worlds merge.

Secession, 12 Friedrichstraße

In “Pandemic Pandemonium“, Beloufa continues his insistent interrogation of the art field, its institutions and formats, media and technologies, capacities and limitations. He is known for his critical stances, experimental openness, and ongoing search for alternative solutions as well as his preference for collective practices. Over the past more than two years, the pandemic with all the complications it has caused—numerous exhibitions had to be canceled or postponed—has prompted many artists to shift their practices to a more sustainable footing; some, Beloufa among them, have explored creative alternatives in the digital virtual universe. Turning to playful interactive formats (gaming) and studying crypto art and phenomena such as NFTs, he has expanded his collaborative field and recently founded the production company EBB.

With this exhibition, Beloufa and EBB intertwine at least two themes or plot strands to bridge the gulf between the real-world exhibition gallery and the seemingly endless virtual universe. One is the subject of the pandemic and the reality of (global) pandemic management; the other is the exploration of novel forms of community that have emerged from Web3 projects in the centerless internet based on peer-to-peer structures.


Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


M: office@secession.at

Secession, 12 Friedrichstraße
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