Commonist, 22 Sep 2012 — 22 Oct 2012


YARAT Contemporary Art Centre, Bayil District (Near National Flag Square)

YARAT Contemporary Art Space presents a new project dedicated to the theme of multiculturalism. As a new and forcefully emerging phenomenon, multiculturalism provokes extremely dissonant reactions that range from unreserved dismay to obscure expectations.

This new project promotes cooperation between nineteen artists and represents nineteen attitudes towards this issue that are fundamentally opposed to each other. The title of the project itself, Commonist, appeals to common sense, one broader than any political dimension. “Commonist” is not simply a citizen who holds leftist or rightist views on politics, but he is rather a cosmopolite who has to put up with the altered regulations of human coexistence. A cosmopolite adheres to panhuman virtues in his judgment.

There are many definitions of multiculturalism invented by politicians, sociologists, philosophers and writers. YARAT Contemporary Art Space proposes artistic interpretation of that huge and contradictory phenomenon that affects everyone. Each artist will offer his own definition of multiculturalism that holds positive or negative meaning for him or her. But there is always a big question mark remaining.

Contacts & Details
T: +99412 505 1414

YARAT Contemporary Art Centre, Bayil District (Near National Flag Square)

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