Ana Vujic: This world of lies, will never be my truth, 20 May 2017 — 17 Jun 2017

Ana Vujic: This world of lies, will never be my truth

The gallery presents a solo show by the Swiss-Serbian artist, who uses found material and coarse instruments to create works which are powerfully reflecting on social criticism, urbanism and street art. She uses her artistically practice to scrutinise media representation of socio-economic realities and conflicts. One can find in her works an inner search for truth, the questioning of representation, concerns about current crises and the corresponding emotions and emotional denials.

The show mostly displays large formats for which she used strong contrasts in black and white to intensively address emotions of desperation and hope, hopelessness and anger within the viewer. She can be described as an artist who is using the power of art to make emotions and thoughts visible and thereby allows and enables society’s repressed reactions to take shape.

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