Angelika Schori: Six to Seven (geometric colors), 05 May 2017 — 11 Jun 2017

Angelika Schori: Six to Seven (geometric colors)

The solo exhibition presents the Swiss artist’s artistic practice, which focuses on making the invisible visible. She does not let herself be limited by the frame of a canvas but rather uses all her surroundings to bring her works to life. By introducing primary elements such as light and color predominantly by way of an immaterial reflection, the works take on a generative presence that extends into, and becomes part of, the environment in which they reside.

The exhibition is focused on two key elements and inspiring factors of Schori’s most recent work: The Tangram puzzle and the hexagon form.

While the Tangram is philosophical and stands for holistic approach to understanding the world, the Hexagon makes the invisible visible on a molecular level.

Schori’s fascination by the ancient Chinese puzzle, its conceptual complexity, the dichotomy between the simplicity of the shapes and their challenges of the puzzle, inspired her large scale work on display. Various puzzle pieces cover the floor and walls of the gallery. The audience is invited to play, yet without touching or moving anything. The single parts of the puzzle are made of stainless steel and treated with heat to create a play of colors and shapes on the surface. Working with heat on metal is a new and fascinating process for Schori, using the wide range of colors that the medium adapts to under different conditions.

Next to the puzzle, colorful, with heat manipulated sculptural structures resembling delicate, yet powerful, drawings are being presented. These result from her work focused on the tiniest of all formations: Molecules and atoms. These are held together by chemical bonds in the form of hexagons, invisible for the naked eye. Each and every substance is defined by a specific combination of whole or broken hexagons. Schori breaks those combinations apart and reassembles them.

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