Edit Oderbolz & Marie Raffn, 29 May 2022 — 10 Jul 2022

Edit Oderbolz & Marie Raffn

Mayday, Hafenstrasse 25, 4057 Basel

Edit Oderbolz‘s interest is in architectural spaces, structures and everyday things. These serve as the starting point for exciting and pleasurable reinterpretations: In her unmistakable settings, she reduces the design or changes its materiality. In her objects and sometimes room-sized sculptures, new spaces of thought open up, in which ideas of domesticity and permanence, social structures, (collective) memories and longings are questioned.

Marie Raffn translates drawing elements into three-dimensional objects: Her sculptural works made of coloured plaster and bent steel evoke associations with abstract signs or ornamental forms. Spatially set in relation to each other, they can be understood as a score open to interpretation, whose rhythm and appearance changes depending on the perspective of the viewer:in. In addition, she uses sound and typography to interpret poetic images acoustically and visually.

Contacts & Details

Sun, 2pm – 6pm, or by appointment

M: info@maydaymaydaymayday.ch

Mayday, Hafenstrasse 25, 4057 Basel

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