ENTER for Newcomer: Sébastien Rück, 22 May 2019 — 30 Jun 2019

ENTER for Newcomer: Sébastien Rück

As part of the platform ENTER for Newcomer, the young artist Sébastien Rück gives an insight into his current work. Change, transience and the oscillation between everything and nothing are central themes in the work of the artist based in Fribourg and Basel.

Sébastien Rück’s emotional and experimental work in process moves between the transition of painting, performance and staging. In his work, the artist addresses distance and at the same time immediate proximity to his own body. The changeable corporeality is brought into different moods by the performance. Within the play of materiality and body, decay and coincidence, compact snapshots arise. Fragile image carriers reveal past actions and open room for mind games.

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