Esther Hunziker: Sites, 30 Sep 2015 — 01 Nov 2015

Esther Hunziker: Sites

New sites on Google earth 3D: series of extended interactive Google maps.

The work of Esther Hunziker places the people at the interesting point of synthesis between the real-real and the new real. A synthesis that is intended to suppurate old epistemological prejudices against this real we have now been working on for a short century.

Hunziker’s work points to the fact that by building upon these simple lower-level operations we can learn to perform much more ambitious ones: searching for a new understanding of objects, detecting qualities that the digital does or does not share with the real, better synthesizing the way we produce new settings every day, new circumstances to interact with these millions of digital items. The web is a complete modular system, it is composed of innumerous modules, webs, and multiple elements. We are just at the beginning of learning how this architecture is hosting us and not the other way around.

Click here to view the online exhibition.

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