Identify your limitations, acknowledge the periphery, 11 Jun 2017 — 20 Aug 2017

Identify your limitations, acknowledge the periphery

VITRINE, Basel, Volta Zentrum, Vogesenplatz 15, Basel, Switzerland

The group exhibition presents site-specific works by 28 selected international artists that focus on the topic of limitation, boundaries, encasement, entrapment as well as instruction-based practice. In doing that, they give the vitrine a special attention, studying it as an exhibition tool, a case, a medium used  to create distance between the art work or object it is protecting and its viewer. The ability of the vitrine to shielding something from the viewer and thereby forming a wunderkammer, is of special interest of the artists displayed.

Architecture plays a fundamental role, as the exhibition space is becoming an element of the show, due to the fact that the exhibition is viewable 24/7 through the glass from the outside public square. Thus, the viewer itself becomes part of the discourse, being able to move around the works, looking at them from the outside but being able to enter the exhibition place and thereby overcoming the boundaries of the vitrine glass.

Thereby, the artists together with visitors break-out from the rules and limitations of a gallery space which creates a special bond between them and the art works on display.

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T: +44 (0) 7896056400

VITRINE, Basel, Volta Zentrum, Vogesenplatz 15, Basel, Switzerland

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