Lifelines, 27 May 2017 — 14 Jul 2017


The group exhibition presents three befriended artists, Ackling, Sutton and Robertson, whose works show forms of reductive abstraction, each one using different practices.

Ackling uses the material wood and the power of the sunlight through a magnifying glass to imbrued the wood with precise geometric forms.

Sutton shares Ackling’s preference for the restraints of a ritualised and ordered process, but favours the sensual physicality of paint. As a key structural element in his recent works, Sutton has used grids painted with gestural brush marks on paper. Other works of multi colored grids are made of watercolors.

What recently the grid is to Sutton, circles are to Robertson. As a variation upon the circle, she painted a series of small star paintings that complement Ackling’s symbiotic relationship with the sun.

This exhibition is dedicated to Roger Ackling, who died in 2010.

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