Lois Weinberger: Debris Field, 17 Apr 2019 — 01 Sep 2019

Lois Weinberger: Debris Field

Museum Tinguely, Paul Sacher-Anlage 2

With works illustrating an everyday surrealism with objects, drawings, texts and photographic works, Museum Tinguely presents a poetic-archaeological research project Debris Field (2010–2016) by Lois Weinberger as the third exhibition in a series that seeks to engage in a dialogue with Jean Tinguely’s late masterpiece Mengele-Dance of Death (1986) and to show its multi-layered nature.

Debris Field is an inventory, an excavation that takes place in the sedimentary layers of time in the attic and gaps between the floors of the building, where the Austrian artist explores and stages relics from several centuries of history found at his parents’ farm. Weinberger sees the house as an archive of life and the relics as marginalia that define the true focus of the archive, its gaps, which lends expression to these essential gaps and their spaces of memory. This year’s presentation opens a dialogue around the various farm biographies that served as material sources of inspiration for the two works.

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Museum Tinguely, Paul Sacher-Anlage 2