Ludovica Gioscia: The Tenderness of Insects, 12 Sep 2019 — 12 Jan 2020

Ludovica Gioscia: The Tenderness of Insects

Italian London-based artist Ludovica Gioscia’s first solo exhibition in Switzerland.

VITRINE, Basel, Volta Zentrum, Vogesenplatz 15, Basel, Switzerland

The exhibition brings together new works in ceramic, papier-mâché, fabric and found materials that reflect the rural landscape.

The “Infinite Present” is Gioscia’s modus operandi, which reflects the new temporalities that have emerged within the digital revolution. It has led to a studio practice that is constantly being reconsidered and renegotiated, in which the past, present and future infinitely coexist. As such, Gioscia describes her studio as having become “a magical location in which artworks from the future and from other dimensions appear, and past creations are de-assembled and reconsidered.”

For ‘The Tenderness of Insects”, the artist turns our attention to the intelligence of plants and their sophisticated ecosystems and networks of communication. Gioscia sees artworks as being alive, hence constantly evolving. Infused with a sort of animism, the creations stem from a deep enjoyment of working with materials. In ‘The Tenderness of Insects’ the works are staged as a new site-responsive assemblages within VITRINE’s unique exhibition space, located in a urban outdoor setting and viewable 24/7 from the public square. As global warming is a central theme in our daily life, Gioscia is bale to bring the energy of a rural ecosystem into the gallery space, encouraging us to consider plants as intelligent beings and to consider mother nature herself as our guidance.




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T: +44 (0) 7896056400

VITRINE, Basel, Volta Zentrum, Vogesenplatz 15, Basel, Switzerland

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