Niederer Caro: Summer Crossing, 01 Jul 2016 — 27 Aug 2016

Niederer Caro: Summer Crossing

Nicolas Krupp, Rosentalstrasse 28, 4058 Basel, Switzerland

Nicolas Krupp Gallery presents ‘Summer Crossing‘, an exhibition of Caro Niederer’s Red Paintings.

The title is inspired by Truman Capote’s first oeuvre: Summer Crossing – the novel which he began writing in 1943 at 19 years of age and which was discovered and published in 2004.

Summer Crossing is the romantic narration of an undecided in pursuit of real life and was also the starting point for Caro Niederer’s Red Paintings. The large-format oil paintings have a human presence and in the context of the artist’s work seem dense, radiant and warm. They are red and red-brown and simultaneously figurative and abstract, depending on how you choose to contemplate them.

The Red Paintings are based on uneventful, normal scenes and outlooks of the everyday life of Caro Niederer, selected from an image archive, which the artist uses continuously as a starting point and which she continues to expand. A bouquet of hydrangeas on a kitchen table (Caro’s kitchen table). A place of work. A grey urban canyon. A Chinese garden. Human beings at the beach. People recreating.

As Michelle Nicol wrote in the critic text: “a series of paintings by Caro Niederer which I always enjoyed are her first «Alltagsbilder»˙, in English: depictions of the everyday. They were painted in the 90’s with a transparent colouring on small-format cardboard supports measuring 24 x 30 centimetres. Souvenirs taken from real life, made by families to preserve memories for a time when the children have left and live their own life. These mundane paintings were transformed into small silk carpets. Then came the interior photographs depicting houses and apartments of collectors, which show the pieces in the middle of real life. Caro then went further and painted large Brown Paintings, that sat on the canvas like fleeting sketches. These were followed by large tableaus in penetrative colours – they also had their cover versions in the form of grand iridescent silk carpets. Now the Red Paintings. In succession they are part of an absolute logical development. They are more mature and can hold a gaze. They cannot be ignored. The colour Red is not angry but alludes a heat, that lays itself over everything. Rothkoesk and vibrant. Slightly sullen. A new phase. Caro Niederer’s will to present the world around her in continually new forms and media makes our own surrounding more mysterious, more interesting. We find her world of images strangely familiar and just like a side note on modern existence. If you would like to see more of Caro Niederer visit her instagram account. It offers a kaleidoscope of new and old works together with personal images, friends and her open view on the world that surrounds us”. (Michelle Nicol)

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Thu – Sat 2pm – 6pm

Sun – Wed

T: + 41 61 683 3265

Nicolas Krupp, Rosentalstrasse 28, 4058 Basel, Switzerland

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