Reflections on the Surface, 13 Jun 2017 — 22 Jul 2017

Reflections on the Surface

The gallery space presents works by three artists, namely Heidi Bucher, Virginia Overton and Yorgos Sapountzis. These unite different point of views on the subject of reflections on the surface – material wise, historically, socially.

Surface, as the first visible attribute of the appropriated material, has always been immensely important in artistic practice. The exhibited works elaborate and reflect surface as a catalyst and carrier of feelings, memories and (cultural) heritage. The surfaces of Bucher’s, Overton’s and Sapountzis’ works represent an intimate narrative of time and movement. Bucher works with the surface as the subject of her research into the inscription of personal histories and memories. Similarly emphasizing on history, Overton also focuses on functionality of surfaces – in her case of found materials. By applying his background in performance and the medium of video, Sapountzis creates works ostensibly in constant flux.

Further, the gallery’s show room presents works by the young and upcoming contemporary artist Anne Roger Lacan.

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