Thomas Hauri, 20 Jan 2016 — 06 Mar 2016

Thomas Hauri

Kunsthaus Baselland, St. Jakob-Strasse 170, Muttenz / Basel

The large-scale works of Thomas Hauri (born 1974) are characterized by a reduced color, the artist chooses to his motives – be applied to the finely textured watercolor paper – usually a reminiscent of architectural vocabulary. In several transparent layers formed during the process of painting motives, which are washed out in places, back or brushed out in a next step, among others, sponges, or rough brushes. A catalog will accompany the exhibition in German and English.

For many years, Thomas Hauri is repeatedly represented in numerous group exhibitions. Also, you find his works in important public and private collections. A wide audience Hauri got mainly through his first publication of 2013, which has been released as a narrow band within the Collection Cahiers d’Artistes / Pro Helvetia. Swiss Arts Council. First major institutional solo appearance as he will have at the Kunsthaus Baselland, Hauri has not yet been aligned. His extensive and extremely exciting and varied work will be shown at the entire ground floor of the Kunsthaus and the neighboring cabinet rooms with also older works, without losing the focus on very recent works.

Usually his very large-scale works are characterized by a dark aquarell tone with many nuances that is applied on finely structured paper. He chooses forms that resemble architectural fragments or even released forms. Since 2000 this working is typical for Thomas Hauri. There are big papers, mostly in the same format, that Hauri, one above the other presents. In fine, multiple layers applied, the artist develops his motive in a next step, inter alia, washes with sponges or rough brush, lays on hue again or brushes out – sometimes so strong that the paper just can withstand and is not torn.

Hauri uses the quality of the watercolor technique to make translucent designs and paint. Neither the sitter nor the type of representation act dark or solid. Hauri approaches by the chosen technique and the type of washout nor to increase the presence of very large-scale works and to offer the opposite a delicate introduction to an amazing painting.

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Tue – Sun 11am – 5pm
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Wed 2pm – 8pm
T: +41 61 312 8388

Kunsthaus Baselland, St. Jakob-Strasse 170, Muttenz / Basel

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