TRANSFORMAT Kleinbasel, 07 Jun 2017 — 27 Jul 2017


The exhibition mediates between art and everyday life and opens a dialogue between public and urban development. Within their works, the artists explore the rapid change within the city zone Kleinbasel and let thereby the viewer experience its variety.

The exhibition unites different ways of urban development research: Qualitative interviews with inhabitants of the zone, registering visual changes and using archived material to trace transformations. Thereby, the artists are able to capture and visualize the tensions between the actual change, its enactors and mediators.

Within various installations and discursive formats, the artists stress the development away from the “form” to a state of “transform” – as the title of the show indicates.

Winterberg and Ipek aim at visualizing the complexity of urban processes and point out the ways in which society can lern from each other and thereby bring back the quality and beauty of the things that are given.

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