Zita – Щapa, 12 Jun 2016 — 02 Oct 2016

Zita – Щapa

Schaulager, Ruchfeldstrasse 19, 4142 Münchenstein, Switzerland

Chamber Piece by Katharina Fritsch and Alexej Koschkarow

Schaulager presents “Zita – Щapa. Chamber Piece by Katharina Fritsch and Alexej Koschkarow”, an installation developed in close collaboration between Katharina Fritsch and Alexej Koschkarow.

Staged in three small rooms – concentrating on the interaction of individual works, a strategy borrowed from the world of theatre – the chamber piece features sculptures and wall works created especially for the installation. Each with an independent presence and readily standing for itself, the juxtaposition of the works forms an atmospheric visual environment full of cultural and historical references. In 1999, Katharina Fritsch and Alexej Koschkarow presented their works together for the first time. The two artists both engage in a differentiated creative process characterised by the precise deployment of elaborate artistic techniques. In the case of Katharina Fritsch, this is paired with a clear and figurative language of forms: Her monochrome works appear immaterially removed but also tangibly and immediately comprehensible and call the familiar into question. The objects and sculptural environments of Alexej Koschkarow play with the sculptural transformation of history between reality and fiction. The artful arrangement of this ambiguity is matched by the precise simulation of the materials from which the explicit yet fantastical works are made.

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Mon – Sun
T: +41 61 335 3232
M: info@schaulager.org

Schaulager, Ruchfeldstrasse 19, 4142 Münchenstein, Switzerland

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