Aoibheann Greenan: The Perfect Wagner Rite, 24 Apr 2016 — 21 May 2016

Aoibheann Greenan: The Perfect Wagner Rite

Import Projects, Keithstraße 10

Aoibheann Greenan’s theatrical and interactive installation ‘The Perfect Wagner Rite‘ takes irish writer George Bernard Shaw‘s commentary on Wagner‘s tetralogy ‘The Ring of the Nibelungs‘ as its starting point. In a deliberate act of cultural voyeurism inspired by Shaw’s interpretation of Wagner, Greenan invents a pseudo-subculture of contemporary worshippers whose philosophies and practices draw heavily on the ‘Ring’ as a source of legitimation.

‘The Perfect Wagner Rite’ is an elaborate theatrical environment that is part spectacle of seduction, part ritual ground. Greenan’s performative installations are meticulously produced, combining richness of texture, an emphasis on the hand-made and complex political metaphors. Presented in its entirety at Import Projects, an abridged version of the performative work will be staged at KW, Berlin during the ONE NIGHT STAND #8 on April 14th.

Elaborate hand-made costumes, god-heads and allegory: the stage is set for a collision between epic drama and bawdy ritual.

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T: +49 30 23925563

Import Projects, Keithstraße 10

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