Gurlitt: Status Report, 14 Sep 2018 — 07 Jan 2019

Gurlitt: Status Report

The large scale exhibition Gurlitt: Status Report presents a selection of around 250 works, deeply rooted in a complex historical setting. As a matter of fact, the exhibition is based on the current state of research into the ‘Gurlitt cache’, namely the discovery of the massive art collection of 1500 pieces inherited by Cornelius Gurlitt, son of the art dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt. Since the finding, an accurate investigation about the single pieces, suspected to have been looted by the Nazis, has started to restitute any eventual looted work.

Thus, the exhibition sheds light on the complex history of the individual objects and on the fate of the collectors, art dealers and artists – most of them Jewish – who fell victim to the systematic persecution of the Nazi regime.

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