Lawrence Lek: NOX, 27 Oct 2023 — 14 Jan 2024

Lawrence Lek: NOX

Lawrence Lek’s largest exhibition to date explores a near-future scenario shaped by the integration of artificial intelligence in urban life

Kranzler Eck Joachimsthalerstraße 7 10623 Berlin Germany

NOX is an expansive exhibition that imagines the psychological consequences of a future populated by smart systems and intelligent machines. Across three floors, it invites audiences into a facility where Farsight Corporation, a fictional artificial intelligence (AI) conglomerate, trains and treats their sentient self-driving cars. Each class of vehicle serves a different role, such as delivery, patrol or pleasure, and has a corresponding personality type. When their cars begin to demonstrate undesirable behaviour, Farsight summons them to the centre — titled NOX, short for ‘Nonhuman Excellence’ — to undergo a five-day rehabilitation programme.

Contacts & Details

Kranzler Eck Joachimsthalerstraße 7 10623 Berlin Germany
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