Matisse | Scully: Window, 08 Sep 2018 — 27 Oct 2018

Matisse | Scully: Window

Kewenig, Brüderstr. 10

Window showcases together works by Sean Scully, recognised worldwide as one of the most important abstract painters of current times, and one painting by Henri Matisse. Both Scully’s paintings and sculptures are usually characterised by  vertical and horizontal colour blocks, stripes and their relationships. Pieces by the artist, from the 1980s up until recent paintings and works on paper are presented besides the painting ‘Interieur in Etretat’, by Henri Matisse from 1920.

Scully has always claimed of being greatly influenced by the oeuvre of Matisse, especially by the recurring motif of the window. Interested by this image within the image itself, Scully begun in the 80s to reproduce this visual theme in paintings and graphic work, as well as in photography. ‘Interieur in Etretat’ is just an example of Matisse’s many interiors with window views that inspire Scully in this body of work. The exhibition puts Matisse’s painting in dialogue with Scully’s colour-blocked body of works along with his “Window Paintings” series.

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Kewenig, Brüderstr. 10

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