Rebecca Horn, 02 May 2020 — 27 Jun 2020

Rebecca Horn

On the occasion of 2020's Gallery Weekend Berlin, Galerie Thomas Schulte presents a solo exhibition by Rebecca Horn.

Galerie Thomas Schulte, Charlottenstraße 24

This solo exhibition marks a 30-years long collaboration of the German artist with the Gallery, which inaugurated its space in 1991 with an exhibition dedicated to Horn’s installation “Choir of the Locusts”.

Rebecca Horn is an acclaimed kinetic artist working on sculptural installation. She taught at the University of the Arts in Berlin for almost 20 years, and in 1972 she was the youngest artist to be invited to present her work in documenta 5, by curator Harald Szeemann. 

The show includes both recent works and a selection of her most renowned works from the ’90s. “Tower of the Nameless”, first shown in Vienna in 1994, consists in a pyramid of ladders resembling a branched tree with violins mounted on the ladders play creakingly, and it has been placed in the gallery’s 9-metre high Corner Space. The installation refers to the unspeakable suffering caused by war and meant as a symbol for all the fugitives and homeless who have lost their identity.

In the same line, “Bee’s Planetary Map” is a monument to the refugees of the Yugoslav Wars that took place in the 1990s, accompanied to a poem on the wall by the artist enriching the symbolic meaning of the installation “The bees have lost their equilibrium / They swarm in dense clouds high above / Their luminous basket hives are deserted / One of their centres is being destroyed forever anew… .”

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

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T: +49 30 2060 8990

Galerie Thomas Schulte, Charlottenstraße 24

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