Visions of Exchange: Mercedes-Benz Art Scope Award 2009–2017, 02 Jun 2018 — 04 Nov 2018

Visions of Exchange: Mercedes-Benz Art Scope Award 2009–2017

Visions of Exchange is the title of the shows that collects together works by the last eleven scholarship recipients of the “Mercedes-Benz Art Scope” artist-in-residence program.

This art and culture program, established in 1991 by Mercedes-Benz Japan, presents itself as Japanese-German cultural exchange, thanks to the cooperation with the Daimler Art Collection, Stuttgart / Berlin and gives its participants the opportunity to experience life in Berlin and Tokyo fro three months. The final show focuses on the works that emerged from the program, expressing the individual perception and interpretation of the artist of the initially-foreign culture experienced during the program.


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