Christian Fogarolli: Stone of Madeness, 29 Jan 2019 — 03 Mar 2019

Christian Fogarolli: Stone of Madeness

Museo di Palazzo Poggi, via Zamboni 33

The installation by Christian Fogarolli creates a connection with the collections of the museum, with its function, and raises questions on how to approach mental care through the centuries up to the contemporary, from old popular beliefs to today’s pharmacological solutions.

For Sala di Camilla, Fogarolli presents the work “Leaven” (2015), a glass case containing all the diagnostic and statistical manuals of mental disorders from 1952 to 2015 that the artist has collected and purchased. The title symbolizes the exponential increase of declared mental disorders.

Another installation on view is “Allégorie de la Folie”, a sculptural self-portrait in glass and natural quartz that react chromatically if exposed to specific light frequencies. The work is based on ancient popular beliefs for which a small stone, which for unknown reasons appeared inside the skull of some individuals, provoked its behavioral deviation, madness, strangeness and was considered a foreign body to be extirpated.


ART CITY Bologna opening hours:
Friday 1 and Sunday 3 February 2019: 10.00 – 20.00
Saturday 2 February 2019: 10.00 – 24.00

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T: +39 051 2099610

Museo di Palazzo Poggi, via Zamboni 33