Polis / Artworks, 02 Feb 2018 — 05 Feb 2018

Polis / Artworks

Polis/Artworks is the public art section of Arte Fiera, curated by Angela Vettese. This project was conceived to showcase the work of artists represented by the some of the fair’s participating galleries. Polis/ Artworks gives to these galleries the possibility of showing their preferred artist’s work in very special settings, inside noteworthy buildings or in the city’s public spaces.

In the words of Angela Vettese:

“The courtyard of Palazzo d’Accursio, Bologna’s centrally placed town hall hosts a ring of little girls, a joyful but at the same time melancholic sculpture by Valerio Berruti ( Marcorossi). Inside the town hall, Mario Cresci, a towering figure in Italian photography ( MLB) shows some of his enormous works in dark tones.
Visitors to the university library will be met by a bio-morphic form, a sort of gigantic mite, by Luigi Mainolfi (Verrengia). Many 3-dimensional works by Dennis Oppenheim (Montrasio), a former conceptual artist now developing what could be called social sculptures, are on display among the wax anatomical models, botanical specimens and ideal cities in Palazzo Poggi. In an empty room of the same palazzo is a major personal show by the abstract maestro Luigi Veronesi; nearby, on a showcase amidst the bookshelves filled with ancient codes, Andreco (Traffic) has laid out drawings showing the harm caused by man in the Anthropocene Epoch. Close by in the herbarium is a sculpture by Alik Cavaliere (Niccoli) dedicated to Daphne, a work reminiscent of the literary classics but also referencing Duchamp. The interplay between man and nature is the theme of Vito Acconci with his double seat of plastic turf, an organic but also Utopian piece facing the botanical gardens.
The most recent photography works dominate the beautiful Spazio Carbonesi showroom with the work of the young artists Sanna Kannisto and Rachele Maistrello (Metronom), and Giuseppe Di Mattia (Matèria)”.

Vito Acconci (USA, 1940-2017) Galleria Osart, Milan
Alik Cavaliere (Italy 1926-98) Galleria Niccoli, Parma
Orto Botanico ed Erbario di Bologna | via Irnerio 42

Andreco (Italy 1978) Galleria Traffic, Bergamo
Palazzo Poggi, Cortile dell’Ercole | via Zamboni 33

Dennis Oppenheim (USA, 1938-2011) Galleria Montrasio Arte / KMØ, Milan, Monza (MB)
Luigi Veronesi (Italy 1908-1998) Galleria 10 A.M. ART, Milan
Museo Palazzo Poggi | via Zamboni 33

Valerio Berruti (Italy 1977) Galleria MARCOROSSI, Milan, Pietrasanta (LU), Verona
Mario Cresci (Italy 1942) Galleria MLB Maria Livia Brunelli, Ferrara
Palazzo D’Accursio, Cortile centrale e Sala Farnese | Piazza Maggiore 6

Giuseppe De Mattia (Italy 1980) Galleria Matèria, Rome
Sanna Kannisto (Iceland 1974)  Galleria Metronom, Modena
Rachele Maistrello (Italy 1986) Galleria Metronom, Modena
Spazio Carbonesi | via de’ Carbonesi 11

Luigi Mainolfi (Italy 1948) Galleria Paola Verrengia, Salerno
Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna | via Zamboni 33/35

Find out the full program of Polis/Artworks on Arte Fiera website.

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