Marguerite Humeau: Oscillations, 12 Oct 2019 — 26 Jan 2020

Marguerite Humeau: Oscillations

Museion, Via Dante, 6, 39100 Bolzano BZ, Italy

For her first solo exhibition in Italy, Marguerite Humeau presents the third and last stage of a broader project that took place first in New York in 2018 – at the New Museum with the title “Birth Canal” – and in Hamburg in 2019 – at the Kunstverein with the title “Ecstasies”. This third part of the project is called “Oscillations” and presents a group of statues made of bronze, alabaster, marble and stone, placed in a large and immersive installation. The statues represent ancient, prehistoric Venus statues, which give voice to an era 15’000 years ago, when women explored for the first time the power of psychoactive substances and the journeys of the mind.
Humeau navigates between worlds with these Venuses as they are speaking statues: their voice create a space of oscillation between the human world and spirits world, taking the visitors with them in this sort of shamanistic ritual.

Alongside the statues, the exhibition presents a series of drawings that illustrate the research and process of this project. One of the drawings, “Future Exile”, is copied on the floor like a prehistoric wall painting: the drawing is a huge brain map that helps the visitor walk through the exhibition and the creative process of the artist.

Contacts & Details
Tue – Wed, Fri – Sun 12pm – 6pm
Thu 12pm – 10pm


T: + 39 0471 22 34 13

Museion, Via Dante, 6, 39100 Bolzano BZ, Italy

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