Hito Steyerl: Liquidity Inc, 13 Dec 2017 — 22 Apr 2018

Hito Steyerl: Liquidity Inc

ICA Boston, 25 Harbor Shore Drive

The exhibition features “Liquidity Inc.” (2014), a new acquisition to the ICA’s collection Hito Steyerl. This video sculpture uses water as its guiding theme, and has particular resonance at the ICA’s waterfront location. Liquidity Inc. takes as a point of departure the story of Jacob Wood, a former financial analyst who lost his job during the 2008 economic recession and decided to turn his hobby in mixed martial arts into a career. In her work, she has addressed the wide-ranging effects of today’s mass proliferation and dissemination of images, issues of surveillance and militarization, and the evolving functions of technology in our networked culture.

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ICA Boston, 25 Harbor Shore Drive
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