Tschabalala Self: Out of Body
, 20 Jan 2020 — 05 Jul 2020

Tschabalala Self: Out of Body

ICA Boston, 25 Harbor Shore Drive, Boston MA 02210, USA

The young artist Tschabalala Self presents her latest work at the Boston’s Institute of Contemporary art.

The exhibition runs from January 20 until the beginning of July, it is organized by Ellen Tani, former Assistant Curator at the ICA, and coordinated by Ruth Erickson, Mannion Family Curator. Perfectly in line with the identity of the hosting structure, the young artist focuses her works framing them around her African American identity, leading a huge and contemporary movement we can no longer neglect. Besides her large-scale paintings, Self  presents sculptures and hybrid works involving different materials and textures (e.g. paper, fabric, hand-printed textiles and more).

Born in Harlem, New York, Tschabalala Self through her work aims at expressing and analysing the everyday black metropolitan reality she knows. The result is the expression of her inner universe, strongly depicted through exaggerated forms and exuberant textures.

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ICA Boston, 25 Harbor Shore Drive, Boston MA 02210, USA