Martin Derner: Bytová situácia / Flat situation, 23 Jun 2016 — 29 Jul 2016

Martin Derner: Bytová situácia / Flat situation

Soda Gallery, Školská 9

Martin Derner (1973) author of graphics, book objects, drawing, photo manipulation, collage and intermedia overlaping to spacial forms of art (graphic embossment and object, book object and installation).

Freedom and transparency of visual experience are characteristic to the language in which Martin Derner brought his asset to the field of graphics. He extended the appendix of media time by time with book object, collage, drawing and manipulated photography. The basis of his style lie in associative and transmedia movement means of expression, signs and forms of art.
The exhibition Domestic set-up conveis the selection of the latter and actual work of the author in the sphere of object making, installation and works on paper. From the beginning of his creative career (2002) Derner developed an intermedial potence to graphic neoconceptual strategies of its language and new technologies. From 2004 the important part of his artwork constitutes of book objects with the latter overlaps to installation in themes of family library (from 2015). The selection of found books is liable to conditions of their ´´overall´´ esthetics or content in sublimated quality. On basis of sculptural and graphic methods, he changes them to profane objects which seem derated and current in paradox. They arise in decomposition and in recyclation of separated material to creating an object, collage and latter also the installation. The main course the author is headed to is a new dialog with the original (often times sublimated) content of books, but at the same time a great emphasis of their physical and material charm.

The other part of Derner´s artwork is represented by non-manuscriptal interference in found postcards and photographies. He interprets the foundation of Slovak conceptual painting they compound by spilling latex colours over them. Coming from the motif of sublimated reality under the sediments of the models in memory. The current collection of his paper works is handling with portraits of famous musical characters (2015-2016). By overwriting them Derner uses a wider methodical record raging from drawing, printing, painting and collage. The systematics and structural style of interventions made by the author comes from emotional experience from the musical work of art.
The visual liberalism and multivalence of meaning in Derner´s work are casting a hint to authors attitude to contemporary profane era and proposes an associative dialogue and provokes a new reading. He pursues it with a gesture of equalization of trivial and elevated, laic and academic, sacral and profane, concrete or factual and abstractly spiritual. Artists work accounts phraseologicaly rich scale of new visual language, which is held by its graphical basis, but spreads in intention of new hybrid directions, genres and art disciplines. It is concentrated to more classical and current style circuits which often fuze and produce new genre by itself. At the same time the mental and ideological substance of Derners work shows a plural ideology which is distinctive (rather ironical) reflexion of instability of this age and relationships (and the part that art takes in it). Artist´s concept of work or better a legacy, which he is trying to send, is to provoke the viewer to play. Game as a foot of theoretical concepts of art (as a phenomena), is in Derner´s work stood upon the associative improvisation, dialogical and unexpected combinatorics of seen, experienced and visual (art).

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Soda Gallery, Školská 9

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