Strati|Layers, 11 May 2016 — 30 May 2016


418 Contemporary Art Gallery, Intrarea Armasului 12, district 1

The exhibition Strati / Layers proposes a dialogue between the various stages in Grigorescu’s work, where the surprising volumetric approach, almost sculptural, of the black, as seen in the work Porta (1972 – 1974) or in Colonna (1978 – 1980) is completed by the rhythmical structures in Intrecci bianchi (1982 – 1986), reducing itself in the geometric game (1980), to explode afterwards in layers of colored energy, able to literally unravel the canvas in rhythmical fibers and dense layers of matter (like in Striature and Dimora dei faraoni, 1999). In this way, discreetly, like it happened in the composition of his works, Vincențiu Grigorescu’s destiny makes visible his undeniable role of bridge and vehicle between two cultures, Romanian and Italian, in a biography reunited by means of the revolutionary and coherent message of his art, today reconsidered and intensively fostered at an European level.

Just like his canvases, who left themselves progressively conquered by the vibration and energy of the material and of surface, Vincențiu Grigorescu’s evolution in Italy unfolds the layers of a new life, under the decisive influence of Italian abstract art, in contact with Lucio Fontana’s Spatialism and with the objectual conceptualism of the artists grouped around the Azimuth magazine (especially Enrico Castellani and Agostino Bonalumi). Vincențiu Grigorescu’s natural insertion in the Italian artistic landscape, in proximity of such names like Manzoni, Fontana, Castellani, Bonalumi, started in 1975, when he exhibited in a solo show at the Gallery of Modern Art in Torino, curated by Angelo Dragone, followed by the series of Whites shown at Studio A Gallery (in 1974) and Vismara Gallery in Milan (in 1976 and 1980) and numerous international exhibitions.

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418 Contemporary Art Gallery, Intrarea Armasului 12, district 1

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