Giovanni Ozzola: Atto Unico / Single Act, 29 May 2021 — 31 Aug 2021

Giovanni Ozzola: Atto Unico / Single Act

An exhibition project by Giovanni Ozzola, specifically conceived for the gallery’s spaces

Galleria Continua, Via del Castello 11, San Gimignano, Italy

The exhibition, designed for Galleria Continua tower’s spaces, represents the extremes that are the essence of life: day, night, masculine, feminine, interior, exterior. A unicum that includes multiple truths; harmony and contrasts come together in a dense poetry that holds philosophical and universal questions.

The intervention reveals the specificity of Giovanni Ozzola’s research that, while embracing different artistic practices – in this case photography, sculpture and installation – is characterized by an investigation that always starts from the observation of the visible world, space and light. Additionally, a dialogue with painting crosses all fields of his practice and is ever-present.

* by appointment only, in order to respect safety regulations, it’s necessary to book your visit via the appropriate form on

Contacts & Details
Mon – Sun 10am – 1pm, 2pm – 7pm, or by appointment
T: +39 0577 943134

Galleria Continua, Via del Castello 11, San Gimignano, Italy

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